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The CREAtion complex includes 4 different types of creatine therefore maximizing performance and recovery. The creatines are the following: Monohydrate creatine, HCL creatine, Pyruvate creatine, and Magnesium chelate creatine. 5STAR4MULA CREAtion – creatine complex is without a doubt the most effective tetra-creatine blend on the market. CREAtion had been tested on all types of athletes to find the perfect ingredients and dosages to maximise performance, strength, power and recovery. You want to lift heavier? Be more powerful? Improve your performance? Help your body build lean muscle mass? Recuperate faster? This is the product you need! CREAtion has been CREAted 4you.

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Calcium HMB was also added to the CREAtion  – creatine complex because HMB has a different mechanism of action than creatine to increase strength. By combining CaHMB and creatine, protein synthesis becomes faster which improves recovery. Black pepper extract is an active ingredient that increases nutrients absorption. The addition of CaHMB and black pepper extract to the tetra-creatine allows increasing the quality and efficacy of the product by using different mechanisms of action to reach your goals.

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  • Helps improve physical performance
  • Develop lean muscle mass
  • Increases strength and power
  • Increases endurance

Training Day – Consume one portion before or after training.

Day without Training – Consume a portion throughout the day. 


2 reviews for Creation | Creatine complex

  1. Colleen McQuaid

    As an avid Crossfitter I’ve been taking these supplements daily for the past 4 years and absolutely love them. They taste amazing and are sport certified as well.. would highly recommend!!

  2. Jeremy lanctot

    Meilleur supplément que j’ai utilisé. Qualité supérieure 🤘🏼

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